Thursday 8th of December 2016 12:03:53 AM

How To Banish Sweaty Feet


Sweaty feet are an embarrassing problem that many people will face at one time or another; however for some people this is a more enduring problem and thus requires specialist attention. There are over 250,000 sweat glands in each foot…

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Published Date:26th October 2016
Category: General, How To




Intensify Your Skincare


For many people following the simple 3 step skin care routine of cleanse, tone and moisturise can seem like the pinnacle effort required to keep their skin looking and feeling fantastic. However did you know that you can also intensify…

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Published Date:19th October 2016
Category: Beauty Tips, General, How To




It’s Never Too Early To Start Thinking About Christmas!


It definitely feels like summer is over; the kids have been back at school for weeks, the morning’s (even on the normally sun-drenched Channel Island of Jersey) are getting colder and the nights are already drawing in. But with the…

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Published Date:5th October 2016
Category: General




Hyperpigmentation: What Is It And What Can You Do About It?


Hyperpigmentation is the name given to areas of the skin that have a darkened appearance. These can be in large or small patches and can vary in colour from light brown to black. Areas of hyperpigmentation tend to appear on…

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Published Date:27th September 2016
Category: Beauty Tips, General




What’s The Difference Between Classic And Mineral Sunscreen’s


With the introduction of our new fantastic sunscreen brand, Coola, some of our clients have been asking us questions about the difference between Coola’s mineral and classic sunscreen formulations. So we thought that we would share our answers with…

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Published Date:12th September 2016
Category: General